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IPad mini is accused killing: erode iPad sales

Beijing time on November 30 news, car dvr chip industry analyst at Citigroup gelun·Yang (Glen Yeung) released on Thursday reported that Apple’s new iPad mini in the near future should be named “iPad mini cannibals”, because this product is is divided against itself eroding sales of the iPad.

Report points out that, according to Citigroup this week’s survey of 50 Apple retail store displays, limited stock of these retail iPad mini, iPad 4 common stock. In surveyed 50 retail stores, 80% said it was still on the shelves there are some versions of the iPad mini, but 96% noted that quantitative indicators such as, storage space and color, iPad mini on the overall inventory is limited. As far as the version, 32GB’s greatest stock iPad mini version. In contrast, all 50 retail stores say iPad 4 stock, only 6% whose in-stock quantities are limited.

Gelun·Yang said: “Although there are no explicitly raised the issue of sales performance, but obviously bad survey shows iPad sales of 4 because is divided against itself eroded by iPad mini. “He predicted, iPad mini production of about 10 million in the current quarter; in contrast, all other versions of the iPad sales totals only 10 million to 15 million units. And, there have been reports of iPad mini is also insufficient for supply because of manufacturing problems. Gelun·Yang to invoke the economic times reported on November 27, Applevehicle dvr
requested AU Optronics iPad Panel suppliers stopped shipments, owing to its Panel’s rate is too high.

According to China’s Taiwan tech site DigiTimes reports, news sources, AUO has encountered production problems, resulting in supply was forced to cancel part of its Panel. Apple relies on LG and AU Optronics for its iPad display panel suppliers. AUO denied the news, saying that its iPad panel supply remained normal.

Gelun·Yang pointed out that than thin iPad 24%,TFT vehicle dvr iPad mini Panel (thin film transistor) and filters are also thin 25% and borders are also thinner, these factors will bring difficulties to the manufacturer. But in his view, these issues will be resolved by the end. He said: “with the help of our Asia team, we came to the conclusion, that iPad MNI sales probably rose because the Panel production andcar dvr Assembly problems will disappear. ”

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Whitman term means not many days left: or is dismissed by Hewlett-Packard

In September 2011, when Whitman (Meg Whitman) mobile dvr as Hewlett-Packard’s Chief Executive, when I had a column provided her with some friendly advice, and the beginning of the article is this: “congratulations, Whitman Lady, you are a HP next kicked open the object. ”

I believe that she will eventually become Apotheker (Leo Apotheker) II, and the only 11 month’s short-lived predecessor, like other former Chief Executive, was eventually kicked out the door–the predecessor of the Board was created, I think we already have to were I to go to great lengths to introduce.

I for Whitman provided a number of recommendations, hope she can rely on the implementation of these recommendations in their seats for as long as possible, try to avoid the terrible outcome. Now look, I proposed an article has become increasingly important:

“Apotheker recovery $ 10.3 billion acquisition of United Kingdom enterprise software company Autonomy Corp transactions. Everybody said the deal offered too much, car dvr hollowed out Hewlett-Packard’s financial reserves. HP needs the cash to cope with the difficult. ”

I’m not a tech expert, are not trained in financial education, I was a play pen, but I believe that one clumsy bid $ 10.3 billion, Chief Executive, is the HP when to buy them.

Cancellation fee only 1%, a small fraction. However, Whitman has decided to take over everything he left.

Shortly after, really dramatic scene happened, surprise than the Thanksgiving Turkey and flew. On November 20, HP announced Autonomy acquisition of writedowns of $ 8.8 billion. They also claimed that losses of at least $ 5 billion is because of Autonomy “seriously improper accounting practices, transparency is not sufficient, as well as simply a deliberate error”. In other words, the HP is saying he was literally like hapless Enron shareholders, was a fraud.

Autonomy CEO before Lynch (Mike Lynch) for all of these allegations are denied, claiming Autonomy value freefall is HP’s mismanagement, such as abolition of real essentially provides Autonomy for sales and service sector.

On Tuesday, Lynch asked HP lists the details of all the allegations of former Autonomy. Hewlett-Packard’s response was, they had begun a “careful internal investigation”, and has “published a lot of evidence” to prove that improper practice of Autonomy the former employees.

Everyone is not difficult to think of, a dirty, chaotic battle is about to kick off. Obviously, I am now the training video shot, Whitman has provided my recommendation. Maybe this time, learned she would listened to my ideas:

–In fact, big business has too much money making things, whether consumer, employee, retired employee or shareholder. In court, such cases are not uncommon. However, the most obvious fraud is coming from companies that sell out to another company, they always have a way to charge their own price. Typically, corporate executives have been too arrogant, unwilling to admit that he was tricked, and they are very smart, knowing that even if they have been tricked, and no one cares.

–Lynch claims that Autonomy is Hewlett-Packard’s loss caused by improper management, whether it’s true or false, is very difficult to refute his views. The past five years, HP’s market value more than $ 100 billion. Most of these losses are HP themselves can be responsible for, and has nothing to do with Autonomy.

–HP for many years has been in the midst of merger and acquisition transactions routinely paid too high a price, at least from the time of the 2001 acquisition of Compaq is this way. This summer, HP because 2008 acquisition of EDS deal writedowns of US $ 8 billion. A normal thinking people in theirvehicle dvr company when the sale to HP, of course, would think that paying the premium shows h-p’s passion for his company.

–A normal thinking people will also believe that a technology company will of course understand that other technology companies in all the hands and feet on their own books, and their possession of these bids. Don’t say you’ve never heard of a company wants to sell may play those games.

–Don’t sue Deloitte. Yes, the accountants Deloitte is Autonomy. Deloitte has been accused to the Court is the norm, some say they helped money-laundering, it was also stated that their audit of Adelphia Communications Corp. Choi time misconduct…… However, your own acquisition of Autonomy did not complete their “homework”, this cannot be responsible for Deloitte.

–Don’t prosecute accountants, legal advisers and investment bankers, although they made a large fortune in this bad deal. They are money by trading. Do you think they’ll stand opposed to the deal because you bid too high? The United States largest companies on paper but accounting section named “goodwill”, showing their purchase and pay high prices. Mark is big business because it was too common, few will suffer as a result. They just quietly writedowns, and looks no one really cares what means write-downs–the failure of confession.

–All you submitted to the Commission, on the Autonomy of the so-called discovery of hype. HP really think the SFC has enough capabilities to address accounting fraud charges? On Monday, the SFC Chairman Schapiro (Mary Schapiro) announced its own plan of retiring. High profile shows itself in a statement she made in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, such as destruction of Ponzi, breaking insider-trading barriers, but she did not say that they are how to effectively curb the corporate accounting frauds.

–Recover you submitted to the United Kingdom serious fraud Office. You should go to “stupid Bureau of fraud investigation”.

–Must be understood on the Autonomy issue, your irrational shopping mentality has a great responsibility. During Apotheker unlucky tenure, are you in h-p’s Board has approved the deal. After Apotheker away, you decide to inherit such a deal. Finally now you regret, but now the more entangled you, you are out of the Board that day closer.

–Bow and thank you. Despite this embarrassing situation, mobile dvryour term is three months longer than he has. You are true survivors, congratulations, Whitman!

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Once, always thinking

Once, always thinking, always looks forward to, someone to accompany me look at the beautiful sunset; Once, always thinking, always hoping, someone can ride the Ferris wheel of happiness with me; Once has been going, always dreamed of, someone can I still keep a copy of who that well; Now, those who read, to look at, like the faint fragrance of flowers, with a total review of let me be reluctant. Never has been, I have both a mild memory. There’s always warm in those past confused, even if the outcome is a definitive answer. But that heart so wandering in it, sometimes even unable to. Love of the passing of my youth, figure was eventually disappeared. And I’m only in the shadow of the company, static and keep a copy of who that well, leaves of the season, free my sadness that point. Time, how cruel. Trivial, woven together. Those moments, those thoughts, that loving does not care, or prosperity. Or desolate, still over four seasons, year after year. Collections have better, continue one day. Quiet good comb hair, get up to leave. Standing in the depths of time, in midsummer and say quietly, goodbye. “Time away” Look up and smile. Bright mood. Time of reflection, faces old and I together for years, vague, started constantly losing. The wind gently blows, with pain in heart silently. Occasionally, sunlight projecting down from from gaps in the clouds, secretly. Unknown years, light lines in no time, although a slight cold, but I still stubbornly go on forever. I keep telling myself, I just cross this Ridge, later just fine, just fine. So lane of this we walked together became save himself each time I sad way. In fact, it’s alright, at least in my mind love to stay here, can erase the wound in theWholesale corsets
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Broken wings of youth, ages evanescent

Broken wings of youth, ages evanescent

Times special like a person aimlessly wandering in streets to and fro repeated the same way. I want to, not because of loneliness, just because of the voices heard the heart. I sighed, I put yourself into a completely empty without you, day after day in the big empty time wandering.
Spread out his hands and found that empty handed. I see my tears, gently falling, flooding, whirlpool, floating vague, their emptiness-free. It turns out that tore the beautiful veil, hiding in addition to the sad, and decadence. Eyes sad, inverse into rivers in the end, a little bit of tilt, a little bit messy.
Those bits of the Sun, splashing, QingQing shallow. Pale gaunt face, they lost out to a decadent youth. Those development days, mingled with the pain of youth, the youth die young, the youth of tears and laughter. But those days, the time, the end is not to go back, and never go back again.
Turn on the computer, listening to some sad melody, that says patchy light text. Used in this way, telling mood, used by finger percussion music breaks, expressing subtle emotions of sorrow, to pick up the scattered, occasionally one message, moved for a while, also with a greeting back, once belonged to my smile. Light against the window, the strong scent of flowers, glass micro-climate, sunlight pour curtain to suddenly discovered that the small white flowers in silence with full, seemed full of heart, Hey Hey frigid. Think more, indifferent, inscribed in every inch of time, bearing in mind the deep.
The Sun, still got cut through the clouds, you light up, was the autumn wind blows of life. Holding a cup of coffee, close my eyes, such as water tender feelings, quietly eating without sugar for the first time. That left me endless desolate after the bustling, dust such as flocculation, placed over time. I tried to smile, blooms into a flower red manzhushahua. Perhaps, the road of life, you and I is not a person, just passing through, sad outcomes were already doomed.
Own sky, filled with smell of Enron. One dance, one person alone. It turns out that, from beginning to end, all I am a person.Cell phone amplifier
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Road, broad,

Road, broad, pale, not hot like that in the past, nor that passion in the past, is only a hint of slowly extending the conveying the people passing by the traffic; on either side of the green belt is also pretty cool, slightly shake the weak in body, slowly muffled autumn songs. But you still look so calm and so easy.
People are no longer as lively as ever, no longer as before as traffic calming, he kept on a bicycle channeling straight ahead, pedestrians were bored with eye wrinkle BA with a face he kept running from the autumn wind, direct; some people cried: “cold. “Yes! It seems that people are the most sensitive, is because of the advantageous conditions? Is because of the high qualified to do? However, sits the car air conditioning there is absolutely no sense.
Only has that pepper flowers also in tender tender of open with, a flower flower white of five a flap flap of small white flowers welcomes with wind swing with thin of posture, they sings with, light jump with, branches and leaves dense to gathered with, one by one to Green Green of to around stretch with leaves tip tip, on seems is June days reached out of dog tongue as stretch with, branches above also up pull with dozens of a tip tip of red green alternated of long pepper, good lovely ! They are in Mong Kok.
Autumn means winter approaches, means years and years went by, we have memories? This year, what is the gain? And has yielded rich fruits of the harvest? Do the number of meaningful work? However, is also taller and ran off. No mercy, take off the gloves.
In autumn, and the number of comfort? How much hope? How many fancy?
Autumn, gives people a good harvest of joy, and gives rise to permanent for enlightenment, gives rise to an infinite desire.marine fender
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Fireworks, although the United States, has dissipated

Fireworks, although the United States, has dissipated
Wind, thin clouds, roll back and forth on the beauty of space, quiet listening, the earth’s most beautiful voice, quietly writing, love of the deepest bottom of my heart. Pouring melancholy look at the total between the lines, feeling a kind of hazy, has repeatedly been asked why the total between words with a hint of worry, quiet reflection, the total answer to my concern of the band, what is the worry, in fact I do not know, constantly rotating in the ring months and I just want to say something, leave something, but poor writing, that blunt paragraphs, leaving the only people talking about sentimentality.

Perhaps the woman’s own characteristics, I always spread the secular world can not be separated, he wanted to be a quiet, green bamboo, write something fresh and refined, can always pick up a pen that brake, all the inspiration, turned into mourning, it was said behind each sorrow words, always some unknown story. But I just about touch my deepest heart, to lick the years with a long memory Bale.

When someone said I do not remember her is just like that, ill health, compassion, melancholy, but I still just a long history of ups and downs of duckweed in reality, there is no profit to have learned of her is, no funeral flowers Yin sad state of mind, nor as elegant gem-like life and death, unwavering love, my CD just send a simple, ordinary life, even Hing waves, but ultimately could not reach the other side of Lethe.
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Urban men and women left men and women better than the left

Of course, you can cite many examples to prove that good men left, but left at home can list many ugly and vulgar woman. But the blue field of vision to determine the professional, these are not universal, unfortunately I have not made a survey on this issue, it may still lack a certain authority. But I’ve always wanted to carry out such a survey, I hope friends who are interested in the participation later in this article. Can be considered as my point of view I’m looking for an argument.

Here to talk about Xiasheng Actress blue shallow left men on three grounds, welcomed everyone Paizhuan criticism in good faith even if it is just to the words of my own home and must not rise to the war between men and women. From me personally, its real purpose, or would like to remind the still sleeping under a considerable portion of the remaining men: girls learn more from people nothing bad!

Reason: to play the left stick to women, men left to play the laissez-faire;

I have specifically tried to enter some remaining life of men and woman left on the surface it seems they are trendy and rebellious generation, and are not willing to give away as free and happy marriage. But if you look more closely together, the starting point for men and women but there are considerable differences. Left to the hearts of women who are still left with a dream, a hope for love and happiness, they Ningquewulan, they stick in my heart always, adhere to the one that makes your heart can give joy and happiness of the prince himself appears. However, the remaining men who did not like them more because of a fear of marriage, they hate the constraints of marriage, inner lack of confidence, fear not afford their share of the responsibility of marriage, they do not want life to be so should bear any responsibility, in the full enjoyment of freedom no arrests in the final analysis, through … … or a play of their own neglect.

Reason two: the more left left women more elegant, more men left the more vulgar left;

I once wrote a “woman left five reasons to love” I mentioned in the article “‘left woman’ is from ‘Joan’, a group recently,” say this, it is because they withstood the temptation of men, even though they are ugly no man ever tempted them, they have experienced at least “want but can not get” the bear and the transformation process. In which both men and failing to appreciate her, but she did not fancy a man, she always been towards the direction of marriage and happiness, the progress of the process is a mature, progressive and spiritual elegant process. However, men are left out of losing face or their own sense of marriage is different from love to a “real man no need to worry that his wife” and “Great Hero Faces” itself, which is difficult to realize their own weaknesses. What is more, they will because the young have no money, can not create the conditions for marriage, thus completely abandon the idea of marriage and eventually become low self-esteem and which in many people’s eyes will become vulgar.

Three reasons: because of talent and financial resources and left women left, left male and left because of color;

Although women are emotional, but after all, benefits or pay attention to the animals, so most women will be the selection criteria as a man’s wealth and talented, or the wealth and talent are available. I believe this is the main reason many women remaining, especially in modern society many women in Kochi, they see a man of vision is critical, because the surface of many specific reasons for failing to appreciate other people, in fact, in the final analysis, or because men no to let her feel no common language, can not afford to let her feel she can not afford to romance and happiness, the problem was and eventually returned to the financial word come up. From this, in fact, women are left with the development of vision, they can not give that man if he and the money, it would be better not to marry a man over a more free and easy, just like not that many people think that kind of “big chest no brains,” and there is no strong-minded woman, this woman reveals a smart’d everywhere.

However, most of the remaining men were not the same. They left not because you can not find wives for your personal life as a woman, but they regard the wives throughout the standards to the mistake. They will give top priority to women’s looks and body, the benefits for more people who can turn a blind eye and virtuous, everyone knows in the end they are looking for a wife or lover, or live to vase? Surface vomit from their mouths is “could not find a fancy eyes, and I will never marry in this life”, but it is still could not reach their share of humble hearts of the pursuit of hue. In fact, if picked out for no one can understand the truth, the hue is when a woman can not eat, that is purely a luxury and high consumables, this life if he just take it as a necessity of life so, obviously foolish … … and naturally we can see that this man who left blind in this stick in a.
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Tokyo Game Show in Japan in early impression: Adult element everywhere see

Before the start of the show, the first to bring you some of the local culture and customs of Japan, as a large background to give you a better understanding of users Tokyo Game Show.

Akihabara is a lot of games some fans are yearning for the Holy Land, the main operating electrical goods and games, animation, etc., is a few blocks formed by the region, both high-rise buildings the latest game franchise, the host of the main street, also selling used games The report of Street, in addition to their most desirable otaku maid restaurants or cafes. Latest issue and secondary market together, can play the arcade hall, there will be a lot of male and female game players coser wear clothing foil, Akihabara regrets “cartoon Holy Land,” said.

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Europe and the United States survey showed 15% of all players of the game time to be online games

Joystiq has recently published observations issued by the authority of the games industry website GameIndustry survey conducted this survey to 13,000 gamers in Europe and North America about their game time for distribution. Data show that a total game time, 15% belong to online games, of course, this figure is not specifically World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft, but taking into account the huge market share in Europe and the United States, you can believe that the ratio of share of World of Warcraft share will be quite large.
Specific to the distribution of the North American players 14% of game time spent online games, the European players are in accordance with national 8-16% different from both. While 14% of European gamers have played online games in North America while the figure was 21% (if the survey took place in China is estimated to be another of the big picture).

China’s gamers, this figure is a lot of money, but for Europe and the United States market, the data show the real World of Warcraft over the past five years, far-reaching implications for the online gaming market. Before birth in the era of World of Warcraft, UO, EQ such as online games is just a small part of the core players of the patent. Today, every 10 minutes of the game time, there are more than one minutes are online games, and this number continues to grow, World of Warcraft contributed, while in China, do they

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Korea FPS gaming “positive confrontation” in 2010 to enter the European and American markets

“Positive confrontation” is from the South Korean game developer Fix Korea developed a first-person shooting game. The game is mainly about the terrorists and the modern war between the CS, through a substantial strengthening of artificial intelligence dogs and NPC, variety of vehicles, as well as focus on team strategies and tactics and so on with the fun element of differentiation in order to seize the player heart.

Recently, Europe and the United States officially announced Mayn Interactive gaming operators to obtain “positive confrontation” in North America, Europe, power of attorney, both sides can agree in 2010 to open the game in the first half of the test, to North America and Europe continued to open the game the player information

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